Beauty for the People

One of my favorite things to do when traveling the United States is find the public works gems that are scattered throughout the nation. I spend most of my vacation time in natural areas a bit more than in urban ones, so usually I’m admiring great works like the Going-to-the-Sun Road at Glacier National Park or Paradise Inn at Mount Rainier National Park.

But the great cities of America have wonderful spaces too, both architectural and natural. Gateway Arch is a great example of the former; Central Park of the latter.

In Los Angeles, one of the most beautiful public spaces is the Los Angeles Central Library.

Many folks who live in cities with millennia of public works architecture and art may take for granted such beautiful public spaces, but I’m pleased that I do not. America may be less densely populated with such creations, but it does have a legacy of building and preserving beautiful things for the benefit of everyone.

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